How Many HVAC Systems Are Installed Incorrectly? - An Expert's Perspective

According to consumer groups and HVAC industry consultants, 90% of air conditioners and furnaces are improperly sized and installed. Bigger isn't better in the world of air conditioning; in fact, it's worse. Equipment starts and stops too often or freezes when it's too large for the space you're trying to heat and cool. More than half of the air conditioning systems in American homes are poorly installed.

Your heating and cooling system works with ducts to distribute air throughout the house. However, undersized ducts can create enormous pressure on the air conditioning unit, making it even more difficult to cool the house. If you don't fix the problem quickly, your air conditioner compressor will deteriorate, leading to more significant and expensive repairs. Many homeowners think that a large air conditioning system will work better. So, they choose to buy the biggest HVAC unit they can get their hands on, believing it's a good investment.

But this is far from the truth. Whenever you hire someone to install a new air conditioning system, make sure that they replace any old ducts in the house, as it is likely that it has suffered some damage over the years. When you buy a new air conditioning system, you'll want to have the best heating and cooling specialists available to install the unit. Professional Services is your expert HVAC company in Germantown, WI, regardless of your heating and cooling needs. According to ENERGY STAR, more than half of the air conditioning systems in American homes do not offer the efficiency and savings they are capable of offering due to installation errors.

Air conditioning systems often rumble and shake while operating, placing a burden on the wiring, which can quickly come loose if it hasn't been properly secured during installation. If you want to get the most out of your new air conditioning system, contact the installation specialists at Professional Services. While many mistakes when installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can result in lost money and hassle, a poorly ventilated gas oven can quickly pose a threat to your family's health and safety. Read on to learn about the symptoms of a poorly installed air conditioning system, common installation errors, and how you can prevent this from happening. When an air conditioning system is operating less efficiently than it should be, it may be due to one of these installation errors.

According to ENERGY STAR, the correct installation of the components of your air conditioning system can result in savings of up to 36% in the use of the air conditioner or heat pump, and up to 18% in the case of an oven. Installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is a high-risk job with very serious consequences if done incorrectly; it can even endanger your life and that of your family. New ductwork designed and installed by a qualified HVAC contractor will eliminate all of these problems. In a typical home, the air conditioning system represents approximately half of the monthly electric bill, so investing a little more money in hiring quality technicians for installation and inspections is an investment that you will quickly recover. As an expert in HVAC systems installation, I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire experienced professionals for this job. Poorly installed systems can cause significant damage not only to your wallet but also to your health.

Make sure that you hire certified technicians who have experience with installing HVAC systems correctly.